Why is Organic Cotton More Expensive?

If you have ever compared organic cotton to non-organic cotton, you can notice a difference between the two.  Non-organic cotton is grown with GMO (genetically modified) seeds and uses insecticides and pesticides.  Toxic chemicals are also used in the dyeing and processing stages of non-organic cotton.  In comparison, organic cotton (GOTS) has a responsible process from seed to final product.  Organic cotton does come at a higher price tag.  Why do organic cotton products cost more than non-organic products?  Read our four reasons to find out why!


  1. Harvesting Costs

  • When you grow organic cotton there are weeds and insects that still need to be taken care of without using harmful chemicals
  • More soil is required for organic cotton
  • Methods used by organic farmers are way more expensive than using chemicals like conventional cotton farmers do
  • Organic cotton is typically always hand-picked not by machines. This takes more time and more money.



  1. Manufacturing Costs

  • Organic cotton (GOTS certified) uses non-toxic dyes or natural dyes that are more expensive than dyes used with conventional cotton
  • It is more expensive to clean organic cotton since organic cotton must be delicately cleaned to ensure the quality and standard is up to par



  1. Paying Workers a Living Wage

  • With non-organic cotton, many workers are underpaid to cut certain costs and keep the cost low
  • Organic Cotton (GOTS certified) guarantees that all workers are compensated equally throughout the entire process and have fair working conditions


  1. Certification Costs

  • All testing for compliance and certification costs by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is expensive
  • Certifications need to be renewed every year



The higher cost of organic cotton comes down to the increased cost to produce the products.  Organic cottons products are 20-30% more expensive than non-organic cotton.  If you prefer to have a product that is not only safe for your baby but also helps protect the environment and backs ethical garment production, buying organic cotton garments may be the right choice for you. 

Selling organic cotton products are not as low cost as non-organic baby clothing.  However, we are proud to offer these products at a much more affordable price point.  Shop with us today to see our high quality products!




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