Why Should You Buy Organic Baby Clothes?

Mommy blogs and different educational websites share the importance of using organic products.  Many moms-to-be or new mothers get inspired by reading these blogs and finding new information online to begin using natural items.  The majority of parents that want to try the "organic route" often start by buying or making organic baby food that include ingredients like vegetables and fruits that are completely free of added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides.  However, what you put on your babies body is as equally important as what you put in your babies body.

Many parents do not know that there are also a lot of chemicals in the cotton of regular baby clothes.  It is so important to choose organic baby clothes to dress your baby so you can protect their precious delicate skin.  Below we will explain the importance and advantages of organic cotton clothing and bedding for your child so that you can make the best decision for your family.



   1. No Chemicals or Pesticides

Everyone loves the feel and the durability of cotton.  It is by far one of the most popular products and fabrics in the world but little do people know it is sprayed heavily with pesticides. These bug sprays are intended to get your clothes, bedding and many other items to you as quickly and as cheaply as possible but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers many of them, including the widely-used permethrin, to be carcinogens. 

Synthetic fabrics are also a really popular choice for baby clothes but they actually contain plastics and petrochemicals.  This is why organic baby clothes are so important.  They are free of pesticides that are found on cotton and are free of a large range of harmful substances that are found on synthetic materials.  By choosing organic baby clothing it can help to reduce the chances of baby’s skin becoming irritated and gives the parents peace of mind knowing that their child is protected.


   2. Durability 

Organic cotton is more durable and stronger than regular cotton.  Organic cotton is handpicked and therefore the fibers are kept whole.  When regular cotton is machine harvested it tends to damage the fibers, makes it weaker and create more waste.   Since the organic fibers are so durable and strong, they can withstand a lot of wear and tear.  Organic cotton serves as a great material for clothes but also many accessories like hats which are many times exposed to outdoor elements.  Organic cotton products stand up to the durability test.


   3. Less Environmental Impact  

At Cottage Baby Boutique we try to do all we can to provide eco-friendly solutions for your family and reduce your footprint on the environment.  Organic cotton farming puts way less stress on the environment because it guarantees that farmers detoxify the land that they grow their crops on, use beneficial and natural practices like crop rotation and do not treat any of their seeds with fungicides.  

Organic farmers never use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to get the job done when growing cotton.  Every time you make an organic purchase, you’re not only protecting your baby but you are also protecting Mother Earth.  It is an amazing feeling that is extremely gratifying to be protecting your children as well as the community at large.  At Cottage Baby Boutique in addition to selling organic baby clothing, bedding and accessories we also use eco-friendly and compostable packaging whenever possible.


   4. More Comfort for Baby

Having your baby wear organic cotton will allow her or him to be comfortable when at home or outside playing but also will not irritate their skin.  It really doesn’t matter where you live, either in a hot climate or cold climate, the material will adapt to the conditions and keep your baby’s body at a healthy temperature.

Organic cotton material wicks away moisture and ventilates air which makes your baby less likely to be hot and sweaty.  It's weave also helps retain warmth in the winter.  These amazing properties of organic cotton make it more convenient to buy organic baby clothes for every season.


Choosing Quality Organic Baby Clothes, Bedding and Accessories for Your Little Ones

When thinking about your family you want nothing but the best for baby, you can find the best quality organic cotton baby clothes, bedding and accessories even easier by browsing our collections.  Whether you need comfortable unisex baby organic onesies/ bodysuits  available in both solids and patterns or you need a perfect gift set  for someone you knowing expecting a baby in the next few months.  There’s nothing better than protecting your precious babies while being able to dress them in the best material possible.  Shop today and see the benefits organic cotton has to offer!



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